Thursday, 4 July 2013

The perfect Hen Party Do Thing in York

I've been to York to celebrate the fact that my little sister Beth is getting married in less than three weeks!

YIKES! That is exciting!

It was so much fun to get the whole female side of the family together - there's a LOT of us - and reminisce about the GOOD OLD DAYS when we used to punch each other in the face and bully each other and steal each other's clothes and toys...ah those were the days.

I got a bit squiffy over the weekend and am ashamed to say I got the gin tears thinking that it really doesn't feel that long ago that we were all little kids, and now here we all are married, about to get married or grown up enough for full time employment. I love my sisters, all three of them (and my brother of course) but I can't believe we're all old enough for this now. It feels like we're playing grown ups.

So here's a few snapshots from the emotional weekend that was Beth's amazing hen do in York:

We stayed in a huge house with an indoor pool via and had a fantastic boat cruise all to ourselves via I highly recommend both and would love to do it all over again!

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