Sunday, 20 January 2013

A photo diary catch up...

Every time I sit down to update my blog I get distracted by something shiny (normally a Tusker beer...) sorry.

UPDATE: I'm learning lots of Swahili and putting it into practice as much as possible. The sun is still shining here while it snows in England so I hear. I've been on most types of public transport now, matatu, tuk tuk and boda boda (excellent names don't you think?) I keep forgetting that you can't wear skirts on the matatus (public buses that are the same size as minivans and you just bang on the roof to get them to stop) as you have to climb over people to get a seat, so I've flashed a lot in the last few journeys...)

I've been out for a Swahili dinner where we had the most delicious food and ate with our hands while sitting on the floor. Good food, good company and passion fruit juice are all things I can get on board with:

From left to right: Isaiah, Neha, Alice, Mandy and Stella = New Bezzies
I've also done the complete touristy thing of standing in front of the tusks on Moi Avenue:

Blending in with the locals, yo
I've hit a few beautiful beaches - Mombasa North coast really does have some amazing beaches:

I've seen some amazing sunsets too!

This is on the roof of my apartment block - jealous yet??
Come to Mombasa, I'll show you around!

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