Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sorry About The Silence, I've Been in Kenya...

Wow. I'm back in England.

I'm not allowed to say Kenya anymore because I've been talking about it so much I've been banned from saying it out loud.
What a difference a week makes. I spent one week in Kenya and I went with absolutely no plans other than to make the most of a week away from my desk.

It was easily one of the best weeks of my whole life! Everything just fell in to place and worked out so well, I met some amazing people, some amazing little people and visited amazing places.

In one week I:

  • Navigated my way around Mombasa alone on public transport
  • Hand fed a giraffe
  • Drank countless Tusker beers and tequila shots
  • Met 15 amazing children at Lunahome Children's Home
  • Raised £600 in donations from friends and family back home for Lunahome
  • Spent a very pleasant afternoon drinking whiskey in a safari park and playing cards
  • Ate roadside chicken and regretted it
  • Blagged my way into a 5 star hotel saying it was my birthday
  • Had an average of 4 hours sleep a night
  • Sang 'Sweet Child of Mine' on a micrphone with the first butch Kenyan lady I've seen
  • Learnt even more Swahili and managed to argue with a tuk tuk driver in Swahili :)
  • Feel even deeper in love with Kenya
I have to go back and quickly. 15 children have stolen my heart and I don't mind one little bit. I'll tell you about them all in another post as I'm too emotional about the whole trip to even try and sum it up.

I just loved being there and feeling so independent. It helped that this was my third visit, but I felt smug for some reason when chatting to people who were flying there and had no plans to leave their resort. As they were being bussed there in their air-conditioned buses, I was in a tuk-tuk on my way to the supermarket to get some fruit and Top Deck chocolate - do you remember Top Deck? White chocolate and then milk chocolate at the bottom? Anyway, I digress.

Here's a few picture highlights of my trip:

That's all for now, but trust me, you haven't heard the last about Kenya on this blog :)

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