Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Catty cuddles and boiled eggs

Josh was out tonight having a curry with his friend Jamie, so it was just me and the pusscat!


We had a celebratory night because Catty got his fur test results back and he doesn't have any kind of worm infestation or skin problems! Woo hoo! He's happy because he doesn't have to go to the vet's in his little box anymore (he hates going in the car, he howls like a wolf the whole way there and back) and I'm happy because it's costs a lot of money at the darn vets!

So, to celebrate, he had his last batch of worming tablets mixed up in his food, plus we played with his ribbon for like a half hour, running all around the house, Lord knows what the neighbours thought was happening.

I made the most of the boy being out and played wifey doing laundry, then got bored and watched Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and cooked myself boiled eggs for dinner - waaaaay, can't beat 'em. I know it's bad but I can never be bothered to cook gourmet for lil' ol' me.


Then it was time for catch up cuddles with Mr. P. He gives the best cuddles and he's one lucky cat :)

Just a regular Tuesday night in at the castle - one drawbridge pulled up!

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