Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My first bloggy blog on Blogger!

Today is the first day of my blog life! I'm so excited I may weep. Well not actually weep, but I'm fairly excited about it anyway.

I have a new job and it's in the online marketing business, so I decided to get my ass online and get media-d and webb-d up (you can see I'm fully on board with the ol' technical terms already). I've got a shiny new job title of Online Marketing Executive, swanky huh? Anything with executive has got to be good right?

Actually no, an old boss of mine said that anyone with Executive in their title is likely to get paid less than someone without...gutted. Ah well, it's a new career path for me and I like a new challenge and to be challenged creatively, so let's see how it goes!

In other news from today, I went charity shop shopping (or op shopping as my Mum and Harold Bishop from Neighbours used to call it, all charity shops were called op shops on Neighbours) (My Mum is in no way connected to Harold Bishop by the way, I realise what that last sentence sounded like...I wish she was!)

So anyway, my friend and colleague Rachel and I went charity op shopping and I stumbled upon Paul McKenna's book which challenges me to 'change my life in 7 days' - I presume it means change for the better; how awful if it actually is desgined to change your life for the worse in 7 days and I haven't read it properly...poosies. Anyway it was only 99p, so if my life does go horribly wrong in 7 days, at least I didn't spend a fortune in doing so...

I ordered Rachel's birthday present online last night (after spending her birthday office collection fund on lunch out last Friday lunchtime in Kobe ) it is due to arrive tomorrow and I can't wait to see her reaction...I'm terrible at buying presents that I would like to receive for me.

Things to be excited about tomorrow:

  1. Rachel's present arriving (along with a key bracelet I might have ordered for meeeee)
  2. Tom Grapes is coming into the office (ex i-to-i-er) and he has no idea we are all wearing checked shirts in his honour!
  3. My eBay purchases finish tomorrow, I'm hoping to make some dollar!
  4. Talking of Honor - there might be a fancy dress plan afoot for Friday which is her last day in the office! I can drag out my fake moustache!
  5. I'm going to make cake pops for the bake off next week, chances are I'll be excited about this until next week
  6. Posting another blog!
Here's a picture of me and Rachel sharing our first dance at my wedding. She looks happy:

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  1. Ah, I'm honoured to feature in your first ever blog! Don't I look happy in that photo? It's all the emotion of the day, made me delirious...