Thursday, 24 October 2013

What to do in a weekend in Cologne

Guten tag!

I've been to Germany for the weekend and I loved it! Not only because I felt so bloody smug walking into the office on Monday morning and being able to say something interesting when asked what I'd done that weekend. It sure was a lot more interesting than saying I'd been sitting on my sofa watching old episodes of Airline and trying on old clothes I promised to donate to charity months ago but keep holding on to...

Where was I?

Oh yes. So if you're not familiar with the Skyscanner app here's one thing about it, it's bloody dangerous for your bank balance. You basically put in the airport nearest to you and ask it to find you the cheapest flights to ANYWHERE.

Turns out the cheapest flights from Leeds Bradford airport are to Dusseldorf in Germany. The Boy has never been so we booked those flights before the airline could change their mind with the prices (how annoying is it when that happens?)

Cue slight panic when we realised that there was a huge trade fair taking place in Dusseldorf which meant that we couldn't find a hotel room for less than £300 per night. Uh oh.

So we decided to take the train to Cologne and find an apartment there on Airbnb, my favourite website in the whole world. We found a great apartment right in the centre of town for around £45 per night I think. Bargain. Crisis averted.

 Hello Cologne!

More details will follow from the trip, but here's a few photos to show you around - come on!

So much fun and so much better than sitting on my sofa watching Airline all weekend...

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