Monday, 14 October 2013

Sunday Photo Album... On Monday Again

Oh who am I kidding? I'm never going to remember to post a photo album on a Sunday. I'm just going to call it Photo Album and not give it a day of the week.

I was just talking to The Boy about Zanzibar, so I fancied revisiting that photo album from my trip there in 2010.

For some reason we decided not to venture from Kenya to Zanzibar while we were both in Mombasa earlier this year. I think the flights were expensive and the bus would have taken DAYS so we decided to explore more of Kenya instead and save some cash.

I want to go back to Zanzibar for many reasons but mostly for this reason:

I can't lie. I'm changing the picture size on this album from medium to large on this one.


I only spent five days in two different parts of Zanzibar, Stone Town and Nungwi so I know there's plenty more to see but I really enjoyed it and respected the amazing amount of culture there is to see there. 

I hope you enjoy this album!

Not so keen on this fella... spider from Zanzibar

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when's the next flight out there?

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