Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Is it worth going to Uni?

I was thinking the other day. I like thinking.

I thought about where I am in my current job and the Marketing skills I now have and where I've got them from.

Let me tell you, I didn't get the skills I have now from my University degree. Therefore I was wondering why should people really bother going to Uni these days?

Firstly, my degree (a 2.1 since you're asking) was in Childhood Studies. Yep. I'll just let that sink in for a second.

I chose to take that course because I really wanted a career working with children, then when I graduated I got offered the chance to teach in Uganda for a month which completely changed my attitude to working with children in the UK. I just couldn't bring myself to enter the system back here where people didn't necessarily appreciate what they had.

Did I tell you I've been to Uganda??!
So I ended up taking what I thought would be a fairly temporary position in the volunteer travel company I went to Uganda with. I started in a really low paid role, very admin heavy and gradually worked my way up over the next four years to manage the customer support team.

*Takes a bow, thank you very much*

When a Marketing job opportunity came up in the company, I thought about giving it a go. I was nervous as I had no real Marketing experience, but I knew the company and had taken on their social media in another department and helped out with re-writing the website, so I had some experience but knew none of the lingo or abbreviations that come in Marketing.

Anyway, I had an interview and no one else must have showed because they gave little ol' me the job! I'm just trying to be modest, I was easily the best applicant! HA!

They knew about my lack of experience, but they also knew about my passion for work, my energy and positivity - you don't learn those things at Uni.

Over the next few years in that position I learnt what I needed to know in Marketing and felt more confident every day. When the time was right I decided to leave and (you already know this) take a career break to Kenya.

So that's my story so far. I wouldn't say my degree itself taught me anything that I use in my current job... HOWEVER, here's my list of things leaving home for University has taught me:

* I'm more independent. Leaving home means growing up. I find it quite hard to believe you can be grown up while living with your parents under their roof. Sorry. I pay the bills. It's my name on the rental contract.

* I learnt to make friends. Uni isn't what I thought it would be. It was very clique-y and I didn't love it. But I learnt to choose good friends (one of which is now my husband) and for that I'm thankful.

* I learnt to get on with stuff. A lot of uni time is spent self-teaching. I'm not sure if I could justify the costs of Uni nowadays, especially now I know how much of it I taught myself. I want a refund!

So, if I had to do it all over again, I might make the choice to just start at the bottom of the ladder and work my way up, learning skills as I go. But then I enjoyed the University of life and all the fun that comes with it, I just can't get over how much it costs to go to Uni these days... kids, I feel for you but there IS life outside of Uni. Just choose your path and take every opportunity along the way.

Auntie Katie over and out.

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