Tuesday, 5 March 2013

While I was running...

I went for a run today. In Kenya. What the f*ck is wrong with me?

To give you the background, its election time in Kenya right now which means that at any moment, things COULD kick off big time, so it's a good idea to stay away from crowded places, basically just stay at home.

But being at home allllllllll day is boring and sitting still isn't something I'm good at :)

I decided to go for a run around the secure neighbourhood I'm staying in, and what I love about this neighbourhood is that you could even run around here after dark and you'd be safe, there are security guards and people everywhere.

So at 6.30pm I was suffering from cabin fever and decided I would go for a run. I don't really run anywhere most of the time.

So I'm running around the estate with my headphones blaring some Pitbull and I'm vaguely aware of someone behind me, so I stop and turn around to see 7 Kenyan children/teenagers running behind me laughing their heads off and jogging just like me.

Well I felt like Forrest Gump!

It was so funny, they were so cute and asked if they could take a photo of me on their phone, even though I  was a little sweaty THE SWEATIEST THING EVER...

In conclusion: Go running in 30 degree heat. You'll sweat but you'll feel good and meet people you might not otherwise meet :)

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