Thursday, 21 February 2013

Safari: Tsavo East and West in pictures!

Recently I took a 3 day/2 night safari with Kentanza Tours to Tsavo East and Tsavo West National parks, around 2 hours north of Mombasa.

We headed up to Tsavo West first to get the longest drive over with first and start seeing some ANIMALS! Tsavo West is stunning, it has such amazing scenery, whereas Tsavo East is flatter with fewer bushes for animals to hide behind.

Hey! I see you! Elephant in Tsavo West, Kenya near Mombasa

Sunset in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya
We stayed in Ngulia Lodge in Tsavo West, which is owned by Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels. They have the most amazing views from the rooms, elephants and buffalo strolling past on their way to the watering hole next to the hotel bar - you get a drink and they get a drink.

Room with a view at Ngulia lodge, Tsavo West
Over dinner a baby leopard walked right past the restaurant and I was like 'ah that's cute, a cute cub with cute baby claws'... until I remembered that baby leopards tend to have Mummy and Daddy leopards as parents and that the walls of the restaurant were not leopard proof and that no one was carrying a rifle... GULP.

We took a walking tour around Mzima Springs, which is where the whole of Mombasa's water supply comes from, dontcha know. We got out of our safari vehicle and followed a man with a gun into the forests... GULP.

Smile! I've got a gun!
If you like Mount Kilimanjaro, you'll love Tavo West (stick with me) as you get a mean view of the mount on a clear day too. Sadly my camera is not high-tec enough but your eyes will appreciate the real view, so travel to Africa, go check it out yourself or give me money for a new camera and I'll go for you.

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