Sunday, 26 August 2012

5 Things you MUST do in Barcelona #3 - Cable car mayhem!

I love cable cars. I have NO idea how they work and I'd rather not know, a bit like how I feel about flying really. I'm just happy that the plane leaves the tarmac, I don't need to know anything other than that. I put my faith in the pilot and he/she responds by talking in that nice accent and telling me the temperature outside of the plane.

So... cable cars. Here's the deal, I pay to get on a tiny capsule that is suspended between two points by a rusty cable that goes around a big wheel. Fine, everything seems fine with that.

Get the metro to Paral-lel stop and look for the black sign with the handy picture of the funicular train (basically a line drawing of a train going uphill - great!) The trains to the cable car are automatic, there's no driver, so if you're a nervous traveller, just don't freak out when some idiot like me shouts out for a laugh 'THERE IS NO DRIVER ON THIS UPHILL TRAIN' tee hee. Sorry.

Anyway, it's all worth it and the expense when you get views like this:

What a view... oh.
You can then choose to either walk back down the hill or take the cable car up even higher but that was high enough for us.

So we chose to get on ANOTHER cable car (because one isn't enough for one day) and this one goes OVER THE SEA. Oh yeah, this was about to get serious.

Again, I think you can justify the expense when you get views like this:

So that's my third recommendation of what to do in Barcelona. Two more to go, I suspect they might be food related...

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