Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hot off the press...

I wanted to keep a collection of all guest posts and interview type things in one place. Mainly to show off, but once again to reflect on things I've done in my life so far. Hope you enjoy them! - interview about my trip to Uganda back in 2007 - I sound sooooooo well spoken, living in Leeds for nearly 8 years has changed that! - guest post on Art of Backpacking website all about my trips to Africa so far... - A guest post about how I came to contract Typhoid in details spared! - Uh alert! This was a guest post on a wedding blog. Ahhhhh. - I'm kind of cheating here but it was looking a bit sparse so thought I'd pad it out with a work related blog :) Oh and I'm back again on Art of Backpacking site, I do LOVE that site.

That's me so far! Enjoy!

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