Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Karibu Kenya!

I'm back! Better just pop a few more Africa blogs out, who knows when I'll be posting again? Turns out that I missed the whole of September - ooooops!

So...where did I leave us? Oh yes, we'd spent the night camping in Lake Naivasha with the scary storks...(shakes fist at nasty storks) but actually on the whole I was more than happy with the camping facilities for our first night, they were a lot better than I expected, maybe even better than some places in England I've camped!

I'm pleased to report that nothing ate us in our sleep on the first night! Katie 1- African wildlife - 0!

However, we literally walked on the wild side before breakfast on a walking safari which was amazing. We walked right near zebras, giraffes and my new favourite animal, the warthog.

There's me, there's a giraffe. Beats a day in the office.

The next few days were choc a block full of animals as we went on a few different safaris, all were different from each other and we very quickly got bored of gazelles and antelopes...and birds. I've got nothing against birds, but I wanted to see teeth and claws baby! The Big 5! I had my safari hat on for goodness sake!

Here's a selection of safari photos from Kenya taken by moi! We went on a boat safari, walking safari then on to Lake Nakuru:

Hey fellas! I LOVE zebras, others got bored of them after a while but I think they're marvellous!

The Big 5 wasn't working out too well for us in Kenya, perhaps they were all off acting out the Lion King nearby, I like to think so anyway. Safari is a game of luck anyway, we still had the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro Crater to visit!

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